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‘Discover’ a Little Tease

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta  Valley Weekly. She can be  reached at  or (818) 248-2740.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta
Valley Weekly. She can be
reached at
or (818) 248-2740.

If you’ve read my column over the last few weeks, you know what a busy time it has been. Hometown Country Fair, Relay for Life and now gearing up for Special Olympics on Saturday (see Mary O’Keefe’s cover story) are all projects that I have been and am proud to be a part of. But there is one project that I am particularly excited to share with Crescenta Valley Weekly readers.

Next week, in the May 1 edition of the paper, you will find this year’s Discover magazine.

Produced by the CV Weekly, Discover is many things. It’s a resource guide, providing information on local schools, chambers of commerce, hospitals and other healthcare facilities and services. Editorially, it’s packed with stories that will be of interest to our readers (you may even learn something you didn’t know before about the foothills area). Advertisers have invested wisely in Discover, knowing that our readers are discerning when making purchasing choices, whether in product or services. These consumers typically take time to investigate their choices and Discover will give them plenty of information so they can make an educated decision.

To say that I’m proud of Discover is an understatement. This is our second year producing the magazine and it is almost double in size from last year. When I started Crescenta Valley Weekly back in 2009, I never would have imagined that I’d have such a talented crew of writers, designers and sales people (not to mention the dedicated folks who will be delivering the magazine) that it takes to produce such a product as Discover. These people, along with our readers and advertisers, have instilled in me a confidence that allows me to think broadly, to think beyond the weekly newspaper (a huge undertaking in itself).

So, I hope that I’ve whet your appetite for the May 1 issue of Crescenta Valley Weekly and the special gift that will be inside. Please enjoy it and let me know your thoughts.

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