Twelve Oaks Home to New Chapter House

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A new leaf is being turned over at the Twelve Oaks senior living center.

National Charity League (NCL) has reclaimed ownership of the property after a lengthy lawsuit with, which wanted the property sold and caused the eviction of its residents as well as shutting down the facility in August 2013. With the newly recovered property have come many renovations, completed by the mothers and daughters of the NCL Glendale chapter including the debut of a new chapter house on the premises on April 11.

These new headquarters were designed and renovated by the daughters of the chapter, under the instruction of the 10th grade members, as it was their class project.

The new chapter house will be “a place that we can call home,” said Nancy Stoner, a member of the NCL who, like many of the other members, will be relieved to have a consistent place to hold meetings and social events again.

Paris Cohen, chair of the Twelve Oaks Defense Committee and longtime member of the NCL, spoke of the girls’ involvement alongside their mothers and mentors in saving Twelve Oaks and how it couldn’t have been done without everyone’s support.

“When we started picketing, the buyers started backing out,” she said, laughing with other mothers saying that picketing might have been their daughters’ favorite part of the whole process.

Although the Twelve Oaks senior living center has not yet reopened for residency, the NCL looks brightly toward the future and sees a grand reopening not too far away. There seemed to be a sense of reinvigoration at the unveiling of the new chapter house and a common theme was heard among the woman of the NCL: to bring Twelve Oaks back even stronger than before.

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