Everyone Had Fun at the Hometown Country Fair

Photos by Dick CLUBB, Robin GOLDSWORTHY and Mary O’KEEFE
Photos by Dick CLUBB,


Saturday’s Hometown Country Fair experienced some winds but no rain or high temperatures so all and all it was a great day for a fair.

“I think this year’s Hometown Country Fair was one of the best attended,” said Calvin “Kaipo” Chock, president of the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce, sponsor of the event.

Chock estimates about 3,500 people were in attendance over the day.

“With everyone’s busy schedule, it seemed like the crowd kept changing from morning to afternoon. That was probably due to family sports or other family activities,” he added.

This year was the first time the CV Chamber of Commerce combined efforts with the Armenian Cultural Foundation C.V. Chapter and the Korean-American Federation of North Los Angeles.
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“I think it worked out well. I saw a large diverse crowd on Saturday, which was nice to see. Our community is filled with different cultures, and its nice that we can all come together at the Hometown County Fair and learn about each other’s culture,” Chock said.

The funds raised at the event go toward many community organizations.
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From the feedback Chock received he thinks that this year’s fair was successful not only for those who attended but for the vendors as well.

Volunteers from organizations and local schools, including Rosemont Middle School, Crescenta Valley and Clark Magnet high schools, fuel the annual event.

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