Measure S Updates Discussed at GUSD Meeting

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The GUSD Board of Education covered more proposed and potential updates from the Measure S bond in their Tuesday board meeting. The board discussed updates and developments in terms of whole facilities at GUSD campuses, such as auditoriums, athletic facilities and cafeterias, rather than technological or infrastructural upgrades.

Jennifer Chin, GUSD’s director of the Food Services Department, spoke about the proposed cafeteria renovations.

“Although Glendale Unified School District’s Food Services Department meets and exceeds the new 2010 Healthy, Hungry Kids Act’s regulations, there’s still room for improvement and a big step towards making those improvements is to renovate our kitchens which are less than modern to put it kindly,” said Chin.

Chin proposed replacing some of the larger equipment like the dishwashing equipment, ovens, and refrigerators. Much of these have not been updated or replaced since their original installation at those schools, going as far back as the 1960s in some cases. She also proposed increased refrigeration for more storage space, ensuring more fresh food for students. Many of the renovations would also help GUSD school kitchens to better comply with ADA and health department standards.

As Chin said, “Over the years, those rules have been updated but we’ve been kind of grandfathered in because our kitchens existed before those regulations were enacted.”

Board member Greg Krikorian noted that these renovations would work to help the school district save money on utility costs in the future, thanks to improvements in energy efficiency.

The board also discussed renovations to various school auditoriums.

Joe Alguire, an architect working on Measure S projects and upgrades to facilities, spoke specifically about renovating Hoover High’s auditorium. Alguire mentioned renovations to the air conditioning systems, restrooms, fire system, sound system and seats, among other things. Other schools awaiting auditorium renovations include Crescenta Valley High, Glendale High, Roosevelt Middle School, Toll Middle School, Wilson Middle School, Marshall Elementary and R.D. White Elementary.

Alan Reising, director of Facility and Support Operations, wrapped up the Measure S updates with his presentation on athletic facility renovations. Some district-wide needs include resurfacing of many of the basketball courts, handball courts and similar other areas, as well as upgrades to the bleachers, fire sprinkler systems and drinking fountains.

There was also discussion about a district aquatic center based at Glendale High School.

“Glendale High has been labeled as an appropriate place for [the aquatic center] because it has the appropriate amount of space and it just lends itself to this kind of project,” said Reising.

Board member Mary Boger spoke about the need for such a facility, noting that, “We had three teams this past year who could not host home games at their schools because we didn’t have the facilities.”

It was suggested though that the funding for the aquatic center might come from the district’s usual state funding rather than the additional Measure S funds.

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  1. Naomi says:

    Why is the District using an Architect that isn’t based in Glendale. Shouldn’t we use the bond money, not only to improve our schools but also help out local businesses?

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