JPL Postpones Spring Open House

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Science fans that have been waiting for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory annual Open House scheduled for this June will have to wait a little longer.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory Annual Open House has become the next victim of the federal budget.

“Due to budget restrictions, plans for a JPL Open House in spring 2013 have been suspended. If budget considerations improve, JPL hopes to host an Open House at a future date, perhaps as early as fall 2013.”

The annual event brings thousands of young and old visitors to the JPL grounds. All hoping for a peek into the future, and even a look into the past, as scientists share their discoveries with the public.

Rep. Adam Schiff, a strong supporter for NASA/JPL issued a statement concerning the cancellation:

“For me, one of the most important missions that NASA undertakes each year is inspiring the next generation of students to study math and science, and that’s why I have worked hard to bring astronauts and JPL personnel into classrooms across my district,” said Rep. Adam Schiff. “And this is just the latest result of what I think is extremely poor fiscal policy – sequestration.”

Schiff continued, “The open house in particular brings in a whole new group of community members who otherwise aren’t exposed to the great work that JPL does each year – especially families and young children. My first choice would be to void the sequester entirely in favor of a more sensible plan of deficit reduction, but if this cannot be accomplished we should do everything possible to save efforts that are incredibly successful in inspiring a new generation of American scientists and pioneers, like NASA’s outreach and education programs.  I have been talking with NASA and reiterating that they should not compromise the core of their educational mission.”


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