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Sobering Skits from CVDAPC

A week ago, the CV Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition hosted “Scenes From Teens – What Every Parent Needs to Know,” a presentation that included skits and a debate all in an effort to educate parents and community members on the dangers of underage drinking.

I was one of several performers and while my acting may have been lacking, the messages delivered were solid.

One of the skits, “It’s Not Just Middle School Drama,” followed a discussion by two moms on the behaviors and challenges faced by their middle school kids as their children in another room stocked up on supplies from the liquor cabinet.

The other skit, “It’s Ok for my Child” – the skit I was in – was a snapshot of a party at a home in which the parents allowed the kids to drink.

“They are going to drink, we all know that,” said ‘Dad,’ actor Todd Thornbury. “I would rather have them here than someplace else. At least I can control this.”

As the play unfolds, things get out of control with one party-goer getting violently sick and another taking the car keys to go buy donuts despite the house rules that “no one leaves.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if some in the audience got a little squirmy at the performances and the messages delivered. I myself have heard the, “I’d rather have them _____ under my watch” speech by fellow parents. The skits were powerful reminders of the responsibility that parents have and also the uncertainty with which we sometimes face circumstances.

After the skits was a directive by the student performers. “Now What” offered statistics and information by the students on how parents could get involved and also reminded siblings that their behavior is being watched.

The final event of the night was a debate presented by students from CV High School, La Cañada High School, Valencia High School, Flintridge Prep,La Cañada Middle School, Holy Redeemer Catholic School and Rancho Pico Middle School. It was moderated by L.A. County Superior Court Judge Frederick R. Rotenberg.

Each member of the two debate teams offered persuasive arguments as to why their solutions to underage drinking should be employed. High points included involving parents, utilizing Neighborhood Watch, reducing alcohol points of purchase and holding parenting seminars.

Is additional education the answer? How do you get the message out of how harmful underage drinking is and how life-changing the ramifications can be? How do you compel parents to change their behavior by locking up the liquor cabinet?  Does every parent have to hide their liquor? Their medicine cabinet?

While the debate may not have provided clear cut answers, the fact the questions were raised may have been a good enough start.

Congratulations to the CVDAPC for having the guts to put the questions out there and for hopefully providing the keys that may unlock some of the answers.

Tuesday morning was exciting with the capture of a bear in a Montrose neighborhood. The big guy was estimated to weigh about 400 lbs. and was an instant celebrity as residents poured out of their homes to see him – once he was sedated. I understand from concerned observers, however, that the curious got a little too close for safety, perhaps not understanding the possible danger. Thankfully “Meatball,” as some have named him, slept through all the excitement and woke up surprised some time later after being transported to his new home deep in the Angeles National Forest.

So, is he the bear that has been seen quite often of late rummaging through trashcans in neighborhoods in Glenwood Oaks and Mountain Oaks? Or was he from the north – from the Briggs Terrace area making his way down through the storm drains?

Time – and overturned trashcans – will tell.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly. She can be reached at or (818) 248-2740.

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly. She can be reached at or (818) 248-2740.

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