Drayman Sentenced

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This morning, April 7, in L.A. Superior Court, Dept. 102, former City of Glendale councilman and mayor John Drayman was sentenced to jail time and five years probation in addition to paying restitution after pleading guilty on March 12 to embezzlement, giving false statement to the California State Franchise and perjury.
Judge Stephen Marcus handed down the sentence today and Drayman was remanded into custody. This follows an agreed upon plea bargain that ended a trial that started about two years ago when he was accused of embezzlement by the MSPA.
Judge Marcus spoke about the increasing trend of officials betraying the trust of their constituents, paralleling the Bell scandal.
“Mr. Drayman, you are now part of that landscape,” said Marcus. “You violated that position of trust by the MSPA members and members of the community.” He added that Drayman indicated no sign of remorse for what he did.
There were several conditions attached to the probation including restitution which the judge set at present at $1,000 a month; however, Drayman will have to meet with a financial evaluator to determine what he can actually afford.
“You received a fairly generous plea bargain,” said Marcus.
The amount of restitution agreed upon by both the people and Drayman is $304,853 owed to the MSPA plus $14,016 owed to the franchise tax board. Stipulations made by prosecutor Deputy District Attorney Susan Schwartz included that Drayman could not run for office.
Drayman was visibly shaking as the handcuffs were put on and he was taken into custody.
His sentence is 365 days which will be served at county jail. He is expected back in court in July.
“This case has divided the community,” said Schwartz. “John Drayman has really betrayed the trust of people who relied on him. He has admitted his guilt. He stole from people that trusted him.”
She praised the MSPA for bringing the information forward and the Glendale Police Dept. for a “thorough job.”

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