Zoning Code Meeting Planned


A Crescenta Valley Town Council meeting will be held on Thursday, April 11 to discuss possible changes to the County Single Family Residential Zoning Code. Representatives from the county are expected to answer residents’ questions regarding the changes and to address potential concerns. The county will also outline the pros and cons of the proposed changes to the code.

The Single Family Residential Zoning Code, or R-1 Code, sets guidelines for new developments in La Crescenta and Montrose. Any zoning changes will not have any impact on existing homes because they are in full compliance of the current code. Alterations to the zoning regulations would affect single family homes in the unincorporated regions of La Crescenta and Montrose if homeowners wanted to make additions to their existing home or if they wanted to demolish their existing home and needed to obtain permits to build a new one.

“[There will be] absolutely no penalties for existing homes, because these homes are fully legal, in full compliance, and were built with county permits to existing County Zoning Code,” explained alternate Crescenta Valley Town Councilmember Robert Thomas. “They just ‘stand out’ and look different in their neighborhood compared to other homes.”

Additionally, the County Zoning Code does not regulate the architecture of houses or paint color.

In the last two years, two different surveys have been offered to the communities of La Crescenta and Montrose in order to measure the neighborhood’s preferences when it comes to future zoning plans. Although the response was underwhelming – around 280 returned the 2012 survey and approximately 500 returned the 2010 survey – the town council is confident the community has strong opinions on the issue.

“From my experience, anytime there are more than 100 people who want to attend a CV Town Council Land Use Meeting, there is interest in the community regarding the matter,” said Thomas.

The public is encouraged to attend the April 11 meeting that will be held at the La Crescenta Public Library, 2809 Foothill Blvd. in La Crescenta. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.

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