Weather in the Foothills

“The sun was warm but the wind is chill.
You know how it is with an April day.
When the sun is out and the wind is still…”
~ Robert Frost

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March went “out like a lamb” – barely. Last weekend’s weather was breathtakingly beautiful and much warmer than first predicted. The March lamb left town with a damp tail as rain moved into the foothills late Monday night. April showers! In the early morning hours, on the first day of the new month, .51 inches of rain fell. With the rainy season waning, any precipitation now is much appreciated.

Looking for an “out of this world” event? Here’s a teaser: April 15 (not tax related) is the day, weather permitting. More coming next week. Until then, more springtime shenanigans and observations:

On March 27, Weather in the Foothills spoke of the many splendors of spring. The fine weather, the happy frolicking critters and the canine entertainment they provide. One animal mentioned –“…skunks (hopefully unafraid) digging for earthworms” is the main character in the following adventure.

The very evening The CV Weekly went to press, “springtime splendor” took a real hit at our house. The culprit was innocent of any real wrongdoing – a skunk – and the targets perhaps well deserved – our dogs Abby and Micky (our sons’). I’m afraid they both were on the receiving end of the skunk’s fear (and rear). We heard their short-lived barking out in the yard and didn’t think much about it, even as both pups came running through the dog door and immediately began rubbing and rolling all over the rugs and furniture. And then it hit … the smell! There is nothing quite like it for a quick energy boost.

Doug corralled and herded the dogs into the bathtub while I rounded up old towels, a bucket and the recipe and ingredients for de-skunking.* In less than five minutes, one sad golden retriever and one forlorn corgi/beagle sat side-by-side while getting bathed. One hour, several dog treats, a flooded bathroom floor, and a washer load of rugs and towels later the two dogs slept. By morning, all was forgotten. Both silly dogs trotted out into the warm spring day to nose around the scene of the previous night’s antics.

A mere .04-inch of rain slipped in last minute, nudging totals close to nine inches. Snow levels at 3,500, low temperatures and frost warnings move out by Saturday. High pressure takes over the weather picture, bringing gusty offshore winds and warm to hot, dry conditions. Temperatures exceeding 90 degrees are anticipated. With warmer nights, do be mindful of coyotes and, with less concern, skunks.
*Contact me, for the recipe.

Sue Kilpatrick is a Crescenta
Valley resident and Official Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service.
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