UPDATE: Glendale City Election Results 2013

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UPDATE 6:30a.m.–

As of this morning about 3,000 to 4,000 Provisional ballots still need to be  certified and counted. Glendale City Clerk Ardashes Kassakhian estimates this process to take about two weeks.

The results of the April 2 Glendale election as of now are:

City Council: [Three seats up for election]

Ara Najarian [incumbent] 8,615

Laura Friedman [incumbent] 6,888

Zareh Sinanyan 6,122

Chahe Keuroghelian 5,860

Sam Engel 4,362

Edith Fuentes 3,545

Rick Barnes 3,530

Mike Mohill 2,457

Jefferson Black 2,215

Herbert Molano 2,181

Aram Kazazian 1,518

Roland Kedikian 1,111


Glendale City Clerk:

Ardashes Kassakhian 10,335

Stephanie Landregan 6,343


Glendale City Treasurer:

Rafi Manoukian 12,226


For Glendale Unified Governing Board: [Three seats up for election]

Greg Krikorian 10,823

Christine Walters 8,171

Armina Gharpetian 7,696

Jennifer Freemon 7,504

Joylene Wagner 7,195

Daniel Cabrera 5,297

Ali Sadri 1,083


Measure A :

No  11,602

Yes 4,001

Measure B:

Yes 7,482

No 7,439

Measure C:

No 8,248

Yes 6,537

The results are provided by the city of Glendale Unofficial Election Results. The complete tally and verification of ballots are expected to be completed within two weeks.

UPDATE 10:25 p.m.–


City staff still energized as vote counting continues. Some who have been there for hours leave while others continue to tally the vote.

Unofficial results as of 10:30 p.m. find incumbent Ara Najarian with a lead for city council. Narjarian is followed by Chahe Keuroghelian, Zareh Sinanyan, Laura Friedman, Edith Fuentes, Sam Engel, Rick Barnes, Jefferson Black, Mike Mohill, Herbert Molano, Aram Kazazian and Roland Kedikian.

Ardashes Kassakhian continues a big lead ahead of challenger Stephanie Landregan for city clerk.


Glendale Unified School District school board has Greg Krikorian with a sizable lead followed by Armina Gharpetian, Christine Walters, Jennifer Freemon, Joylene Wagner, Daniel Cabrera and Ali Sadri.


Measure A looks like it was defeated with an unofficial tally of 7,128 votes for No and 2,085 votes for Yes.

Measure B is close with only about 160 votes between Yes and No. Yes with the slight lead.

Measure C as of now appears to be failing.

As of 10:34 p.m. the last ballot boxes have arrived at the city clerk’s office. Final results expected soon.




The polls closed about an hour ago and results are starting to filter in from the Glendale City Clerk’s office.

As of 8:41 p.m., in the race for Glendale City Clerk, incumbent Ardashes Kassakhian is about 300 votes ahead of challenger Stephanie Landregan.

In the Glendale Unified School Board race, incumbent Greg Krikorian leads followed by Christine Walters and Jennifer Freemon. Incumbent Joylene Wagner is 14 votes behind Freemon. Armina Gharapetian is trailing in fifth place. Only three seats are open for the school board.

In the city council race, incumbent Ara Najairian is in the lead followed by incumbent Laura Friedman and candidate Zareh Sinanyan.

So far the vote count has gone smoothly.

“God willing, we can wrap this up by 11 p.m.,” Kassakhian said.

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