Door-to-Door Magazine Solicitors Arrested

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Three men were arrested for soliciting magazine subscriptions and sales after they found to be going door-to-door in Glendale neighborhoods.

On March 20 at about 3:17 p.m., officers received a call from a concerned resident about men going through the neighborhood selling magazine subscriptions. When officers arrived, they found Jacob Arey, 23, from Benton, Ark. and Corey Broadbent, 21, from Phoenix, Ariz. walking on Encinal Avenue toward Dunsmore Avenue. When asked what they were doing, Arey allegedly told the officers the two men were selling magazine subscriptions.

The officer found that Broadbent had a Massachusetts drivers’ license, but Arey had no identification with him.

Arey told the officers he was selling subscriptions to win a trip to Italy and that Broadbent was in only in training. He did not have the Glendale city permit required to sell magazines.

Police found the two men had been dropped off earlier by their supervisor and had sold several subscriptions. None of the subscriptions had customer names or addresses. Arey told the officers the customers had chosen to donate the magazines to hospitals.

Police found Broadbent had a butterfly-type knife with about a four-inch blade in his possession. Arey contacted his supervisor and requested he come to the area. Michael Rivers, 24, of Fullerton, Calif. arrived and told the officers he did not have a permit to sell magazines either. Rivers indicated Dynasty Technology employed him.

Several attempts were made by CV Weekly to contact Dynasty Technology, aka Dynasty 211, were without success.

The three men were arrested and taken to the Glendale jail. While the arrests were being processed officers discovered that Arey had given them a false identity and in fact he was James Hensley, 25, and that he was on parole for robbery and had a warrant in his name out of San Jose, Calif.

“It is important for residents to call the police when they see [magazine solicitors] in their neighborhood,” said Sgt. Tom Lorenz.

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