Twelve Oaks Update


The fate of Twelve Oaks assisted living facility continues to be in the hands of the courts as two non-profit agencies vie for the right of ownership.

A court date has been set for April 13, 2015 in the lawsuit brought by the National Charity League, Glendale Chapter, against the

In August 2013, the company that owns Twelve Oaks, the, informed the 50 residents they would have to find another facility. Within two months, Twelve Oaks was closed. The initial intent of the was to sell the facility to a developer; however, after public outcry and the reality of Glendale building ordinances – especially concerning the numerous oak trees on the lot – the buyer backed out.

The 80-year history of Twelve Oaks then came into play. Prior to the’s taking possession of the site, it had managed the facility for then-owners National Charity League, Glendale chapter. The was then known as the Southern California Presbyterian Homes; the name was changed in 2011. After SCPH managed Twelve Oaks for a couple of years, NCL transferred ownership to SCPH.

The closure has struck a chord within the community. Many are concerned over the plight of the residents – some who had lived at Twelve Oaks for decades – having to find a new facility within two months. Then came the concerns about a developer taking over the property and how it would change the property and the effect development might have on neighbors.

In October 2013, the NCL brought a lawsuit against for having “mismanaged and misused” Twelve Oaks assets.

“The case is still pending,” said Paris Cohen, NCL vice president of philanthropy.

At present, both sides are in the discovery phase.

“There is a lot to prepare before the trial,” she added.

Currently the has a caretaker at the facility and makes certain the grounds are maintained.

“At this point, the [] cannot sell the property,” Cohen said.