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Possible Merger in VHH Future

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Photo by Leonard COUTIN  Discussion between Verdugo Hills Hospital and other interested medical facilities, including Glendale Adventist Medical Center, have started regarding an acquisition of the foothills hospital.


Verdugo Hills Hospital is in the process of discussing a merger with other hospitals in the region, including Glendale Adventist Medical Center.

A press release from Verdugo Hills Hospital and Verdugo Hills spokeswoman Celine Petrossian stated, “In response to healthcare reform legislation, Verdugo Hills Hospital has been approached by other hospitals and large medical groups in the community to discuss possible affiliations or mergers.”

The release also stated that such a merger is a plan for “exploring strategic opportunities for affiliation and partnerships that would improve our ability to meet the challenges of healthcare reform and preserve our future relevancy to the residence of the Foothill communities we serve.”

Glendale Adventist Hospital CEO Kevin Roberts believes that Glendale Adventist would be the best choice for any potential merger.

“Glendale Adventist has been around for 107 years in this community,” said Roberts. “We are four miles away from Verdugo Hills Hospital. We share a ton of medical staff and also a commitment to these local communities. It makes sense to partner locally so that we can build a strong regional health system.”

Roberts echoed the idea that healthcare reform measures such as the Affordable Care Act may make things tougher for independent hospitals such as Verdugo Hills.

“Healthcare is in a stage of major transformation,” said Roberts. “There are great financial pressures facing [medical institutions] now. The fact that Verdugo Hills has existed as long as they have in their economic state is a testament to the quality of their institution.”

There is speculation that Keck USC is another interested party in acquiring Verdugo Hills Hospital. USC did not respond to CV Weekly’s request for comment by press time.

However, Roberts emphasized his belief that Glendale Adventist would be the best fit for such an acquisition.

“Because of the proximity between the two hospitals, and the reputations of both, there really is no hospital better suited for this.”

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