Measure S Funds Technology in Classrooms

Computers and tech upgrades coming to all school sites.

The Glendale Unified School District board of education has approved two major initiatives under Measure S to put more modern technology into every classroom within three years – a top priority of the $270 million bond overwhelming passed by local voters in April 2011.

“These programs get technology in teachers’ hands, in every classroom, at every school site,” said Todd Hunt, chair of the Superintendent’s Facility Advisory Committee, one of the citizen groups helping advise the district on how Measure S bond funds are spent.

“This is just what the community was looking for, with the investment they are making through Measure S,” Hunt said.

One program is placing new laptop computers in the hands of every teacher in the school district, beginning with sites most in need of upgrades. Teachers will have a choice of Mac or PC platforms. All district teachers will then be enrolled in two days of technological professional development training to maximize their understanding and use of the machines and the educational and administrative software used on them. This training will include schools where new computers have been recently purchased by school foundations or other funding methods.

The first 300 laptop computers have been purchased for 2011-12; the next block of 600 computers will be in classrooms before the end of next school year, said Deputy Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Garcia.

A total of 1,000 computers to be purchased under Measure S by 2014 will cost $1.75 million.

The second initiative is making technology allocations to each school site, based on a formula of $50 per student enrolled at the school. The investments will total $1,314,450, based on 26,243 students.

“The schools have flexibility to purchase the technology that best supports their school plan and implementation of their own high quality teaching strategies,” Garcia said.

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