Bear Causes Havoc

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Glendale Police officers, volunteers and those from Neighborhood Watch were joined by a representative from the Pasadena Humane Society earlier today to canvas the neighborhood near Boston Avenue and above El Lado Drive with information concerning a bear sighting. A bear had recently been seen on several nights going through garbage and eating out of a resident’s refrigerator.

“We wanted to make certain [residents] know about the bear sightings,” said Officer Matt Zakarian.

Representatives walked the neighborhood to place flyers on doorsteps informing residents what to do if they encounter a bear and how to reduce the risk of a bear coming near their home.

“[The flyers] are just to let people know [there is] a bear residing in the area,” Zakarian said.

The flyers read, “Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner!”

Bears can smell food up to a mile away. Outdoor pet food, ripe fruit, bird feeders and food trash will attract bears into the area, the flyer states.

It was decided to blanket the neighborhood because the animal seems more comfortable with its surroundings. This was apparent on a recent evening when the bear helped himself to some food in a refrigerator in the garage of a home on Beechwood Drive.

Last night the bear, which is thought to be the same bear that was dining on Beechwood Drive, made an appearance on Cedarbend Drive.

“The garbage cans were upright at 9:30 (p.m.) and then I looked at 10 and they were tipped over,” said resident Mary Jenkins.

Jenkins put flour down on the sidewalk that led from the front yard of a neighbor’s home to the back area that emptied into an open space that leads into the Verdugo Mountains.

“You can see the bear tracks,” Jenkins said, pointing to the large bear tracks throughout the flour.

Officer Joe Allen and a representative from Pasadena Humane Society walked down a hill behind the home and along a ravine. They found empty garbage bags including an empty Honey Baked ham bag.

Zakarian advised that if residents see a bear to call 911.

“The [Los Angeles County] Fish and Game are aware of the sightings. They do not [harm] the bear but will guide it back into the mountains,” he added.

Residents are asked to keep waste secured and wait until the morning of trash pickup to move trashcans to the curbside.


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