UPDATE: Streets Now Reopened

Update 3:30

Neighbors reported hearing what sounded like an explosion but after an investigation by sheriffs it doesn’t appear to have been an explosive device that struck the home.

All streets are now open. Residents have returned to their homes.


Explosion Closes La Crescenta Streets


An explosive device was thrown at a home in the Briggs Upper Terrace area about 2 p.m. this afternoon.

“It appeared like a pipe shaped object,” said Det. Frank Diana the CV Sheriff’s Station.

The object broke a window, hit the screen, bounced back into a yard and appears to have exploded. The resident was home at the time but was not injured.

The LASD Arson Unit is on scene investigating. Briggs Avenue is closed north of Janet Lee Dr. to Shields Avenue. Rockdell Street and Shields Avenue are now open but there are no vehicles allowed on Briggs in the contained area.

Rosemont Middle School, Mountain Avenue and Monte Vista Elementary schools have been notified of possible delays in picking children up after school. A volunteer evacuation order has been issued.

Check back for updates.




Photos by Charly SHELTON

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