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The Crescenta Valley High School PTSA celebrated Founders’ Day with the theme “Grow, Thrive and Flourish.” The event was held at the school’s cafeteria on Feb. 29 and highlighted people in the community who support students. PTSA received many submissions for honorary service awardees. Submissions came from teachers, parents and students.

Lt. Col. Dave Worley, JROTC mentor at the high school, presented an award to members of American Legion Post 288. He shared their story of supporting veterans’ events, like raising funds and helping with the construction of the Two Strike Park War Memorial and working with veterans to help them with health benefits and other issues. But the vets also offer help throughout the entire community. Post 288 sponsors a Boy Scout troop, volunteers for events like the Hometown Country Fair and works with the Fire House youth center and Prom Plus. Worley added that at the foundation of American Legion Post 288 was its desire to serve.
“It is nobler to serve than to be served,” Worley quoted the Military Order of the World Wars motto and added this is what the members of Post 288 believe.

Volleyball Coach John Nelson was another recipient of an Honorary Service Award. He was introduced by Brett Dunkin, a CVHS junior, and Ryan Harvey, a former volleyball player who was coached by Nelson. Harvey praised the coach for caring for the team and, although it is a competitive sport, said Nelson wanted to make certain that the kids knew the game was supposed to be fun, even though practice was at 6 a.m.

“Can you imagine kids getting up at 6 a.m. for practice?” Harvey said. “But we were there at 5:45 [a.m.].”

Scott McCreary, a parent and sixth grade teacher at Valley View Elementary, was introduced as an Honorary Service Award recipient by PTSA member Neda Farhoumand. She shared with the audience how supportive and positive McCreary was with his students, who included her son who attended Valley View.

Many times parents hurry into the CVHS office and drop off lunch or call in their absent student or have a thousand questions that need to be answered in just a few minutes. The person those parents will most likely talk to is Heather Clark. She too was honored with an Honorary Service Award. She is the go-to person in the front office who is always pleasant and willing to help parents with everything from enrolling their new student to explaining where the 5000 building is located.

Parent Suzy Babian thanked Clark for being understanding when she and her child first came to CVHS.
Another recipient was John Elred, assistant principal at CVHS, who was given an Award by Chrissy Benitez, associate principal. Benitez said Elred had helped her when she first came to CVHS and continued with his support. She also noted that he is very knowledgeable about the campus … the entire campus … and even knows the names of all the plants that grow at the school.

Jesse Sommers introduced her friend Jessy Shelton, both juniors at CVHS. Shelton was the recipient of the Honorary Service Award, an award that Sommers nominated her for. Sommers praised Shelton for her community service and the outreach she does in Crescenta Valley and beyond. The girls met at Mountain Avenue Elementary School, have worked together in Prom Plus Club, and are good friends.
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