Weather In the Foothills


“May the sun shine warm upon your face.

And rains fall soft upon your fields.” – IRISH BLESSING

Have you noticed how green our mountains have become? This year the weather has provided perfect conditions, encouraging native grasses and wild flowers to re-emerge on the hillsides left barren after the blazing fires of summer 2009. CV’s landscape may not match the intense green of Ireland’s, but we are blessed with an abundance of sunshine! Although we have our share of rainbows, no pots of gold have been found, so far. The weather this past week has been perfect for leprechaun watching – mild days around 70 and night in the mid 40s. A brief rain shower the first of the week did not have time to settle in before its clouds were rapidly escorted out of the foothills by northern winds. A breathtaking day was left behind. With a good forecast and a wee bit of luck, the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day may be just the right time to catch a glimpse of an illusive leprechaun and his treasure.

So if you’re not Irish, can you still celebrate and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day? Absolutely! Americans have made more of this day than the Irish ever have. It began as a religious holiday commemorating Ireland’s patron saint – Patrick. In 432 AD he brought Christianity to the area and according to myth drove out all the snakes. How do leprechauns fit into the picture? Well, in much the same way Santa Claus and Christmas come together. Over time actual history and legend become one. So who and what are these little men that appear (maybe) at this time? From what I gather, they are 2 feet tall, old, mischievous and aloof and wear a little green jacket and are shoemakers by trade. The only clues of their presence is the sound of leather-making tools – tap-tap-tap – and a rainbow arching across the sky and into the little fellas’ pot of gold.

The meteorologists at the National Weather Service are predicting spring-like weather conditions through next week. We can expect daytime highs around the 70 degree mark and nighttime lows in the upper 40s. Over the weekend an onshore flow will bring late night and early morning low clouds. Intermittent clouds will add some character to our mostly sunny days. What does this all mean for Saint Patrick’s Day? A beautiful day for a celebration – the warm sun will shine upon your face and no rain forecasted (sorry – that means no rainbows). Umbrellas will not be necessary, leaving both hands free to quickly grab that pot of gold!

~ May You Have Good Luck Always~

Sue Kilpatrick is a longtime CV resident and amateur weather watcher. Reach her at