Meet Dave Weaver

Crescenta Valley Weekly put forth three questions for each candidate vying for a seat on Glendale City Council. Below are candidate Dave Weaver’s answers.

We hope this information helps our readers make an educated and informed decision on April 5. [Note the answers from candidates Garen Mailyan, John Drayman and Rafi Manoukian were in last week’s edition. Their answers can be found at  Candidate Chahe Keuroghelian responses will be in the March 17 edition of the Crescenta Valley Weekly.]

1) Governor Jerry Brown proposes to eliminate redevelopment funds. If this passes how do you think Glendale will be affected?

If redevelopment agencies are eliminated, the cities lose the tax increment that redevelopment zones generate. That tax increment is used to help promote downtown development, our local schools, and to build such projects as the adult recreation center, soccer fields.  This increment also allows us to help our local school projects.

2) ADI was a company that had a long-standing reputation with cities as a low housing developer, yet many of their practices are now under investigation. What checks and balances do you think the council can implement so this type of situation is avoided in the future?

Glendale now has a number of checks and balances in place that will go much further in addressing the potential for a repeat of the situation we experienced with ADI. Please understand that ADI was a serious exception to the rule … a rogue company that was using cities all over the state to their benefit. Because of this one company, we have now felt compelled to set up new procedures to prevent this kind of situation going forward.

3) The city of Glendale completed an in-depth survey of foothill residents and businesses regarding development along the Glendale annex portion of the foothill corridor. What suggestions are you in favor of implementing?

The Northern Glendale Community Plan is in draft form. A significant number of community members have met with city staff over a period of many months. The draft report was presented to the City Council and we gave direction to continue the direction they are going.  The only portion of the plan that still has work to be completed on it is the Foothill Boulevard corridor where there is concern over the height and setbacks on the uphill and downhill sides.

City staff will work with the community in that area and bring back recommendations to the council for our direction and approval.