Measure S Discussed at Glendale City Council

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The full city council met last Tuesday to discuss, in matters pertinent to the Crescenta Valley, support for the GUSD’s Measure S and information relating to the forthcoming city elections.

Measure S – which would require 55% support of voters to pass – extends property tax rates approved by residents via 1997’s Measure K and only allows for these funds to be used for maintenance and infrastructure improvements. Funds cannot be used to pay for teacher or administrator salaries.

Citizens in attendance mostly voiced their approval, though resident Robert Buniatyan’s was the lone voice of strong disapproval, though his wayward Ayn Rand-ian digression had little to do with the Measure S. “No child has a right [or] deserves an education,” said Buniatyan. Whether he meant that in irony or in sober seriousness was impossible to discern.

Representatives from the GUSD and Glendale PTA came forth to urge the council to support the measure. Harry Hall of the GUSD presented the Measure S as a measure that would only be a boon to the city.

“Measure S is an investment from local residents into our schools. This measure will do a lot for the city. It’ll put local folks to work right away. It’s going to help maintain school facilities to help maintain [surrounding] property values. It has fiscally conservative measures and oversight built into it. The [GUSD] has a track record of bringing a project like this under budget and on time.”

Local entrepreneur and product of the GUSD Louie Saad added, “We come here with many different reasons why to support Measure S. I come here as a product of the [GUSD]. There is tremendous pressure to stay competitive not only with our neighbors next door, but in other countries. Now I’m proud to own a technology business hiring students from the [GUSD].”

Councilmen Drayman and Weaver voiced their support for Measure S and cited their own experience as students of the GUSD. Drayman commented that, “Glendale schools provided great opportunities to learn and succeed … and we’re forever indebted to our Glendale schools.”

The council unanimously endorsed Measure S for the April election.

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