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Traffic Collision Stirs Beehive

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Los Angeles County Fire Station 19 responded to a two car collision in the 2000 block of Los Amigos Avenue in La Cañada this afternoon. When they arrived on scene they found bees swarming. La Forest Drive and Castle Knoll Drive are also affected by the incident.
According to Fire Chief Gibbons, one of the cars hit a tree inside which was a beehive. The impact caused the bees to swarm.
Jack Snyder, a nearby neighbor to the scene of the accident, said he heard the accident and came outside.
“The accident was so bad,” Snyder said. “We saw bees everywhere. They swarmed a lady (the driver of one of the vehicles). She ran away. A younger girl, apparently driving the other vehicle, ran west on Los Amigos but the bees were following her. She was covered with bees, screaming. I’ve never heard  a scream like that before.”
She walked toward Snyder and he grabbed a hose and squirted her with water. Firefighters then sprayed her with a foam that made the bees leave.
“She was covered in stingers,” Snyder said. “It looked like acupuncture.” The two drivers were transported to the hospital with multiple stings.
Firefighters filled the tree trunk with foam abating the bees and are still working in the 2000 and 2100 blocks of Los Amigos.SCE was called onto the scene because some of the foam made contact with overhead wires.
Sheriffs said that Vector Control is being called onto the scene. Sheriff Lt. Angela Shepherd also reported that a deputy got stung.

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