Truck Accident Cause of Power Interruption

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A truck hauling dirt from the Canyonside area overturned near Pickens Canyon Park Tuesday morning around 11:40 a.m.

Some Southern California Edison customers between Lasheart Drive in La Cañada west to Briggs and beyond experienced a power outage due to a truck accident at Briggs Avenue just north of Foothill Boulevard at about 11:40 a.m. today.

“The driver was heading southbound on Briggs from the Canyonside area. He reported possible brake failure,” said California Highway Patrol Officer T. Moreno. “He was aware of the intersection of Briggs and Foothill and didn’t want to enter the intersection. He veered to the left, hitting a utlity pole, then the fence surrounding the Pickens Canyon Park and turned sideways coming to rest just before the wash.” Moreno added that the concern now is to get the truck out and a rig tow truck has been called. The driver, Wilbur Rivas, 24, of Reseda, did not report any injuries and was not transported to the hospital.

“I lost my brakes at the four way stop sign [at Briggs and Mountain avenues],” Rivas said. “I know how busy Foothill is, so [I] went over to the curb. I didn’t hit my head. I’m alright.”

According to Dave Ford of Southern California Edison, power was interrupted to approximately 2,000 customers, however most had power restored within 30 minutes. Ford was unsure as to when all affected customers would regain power. “We have yet to assess all the damage,” he said.
The 4500 block of Briggs Avenue is currently closed to traffic but Moreno expects the scene to be clear by 3 p.m.
Sheriffs notified Mountain Avenue Elementary School of the accident. Parents should consider taking an alternate route to get to Mountain Avenue Elementary School including Rosemont Avenue then traveling east on Cross or Fairmount to Briggs Avenue.

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  1. Krae911 says:

    I am so glad to know that the truck driver is unharmed ! I think he should be commended for taking the action of going off to the side instead of plowing through the intersection. Who knows how many lives he saved by doing such a heroic act? The aftermath was a minor headache to those of us who lost power, but the incident itself could have been truly tragic.

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