Chromium 6 Report in from GWP

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Glendale Water & Power (GWP) just released  its final project report to the California Department of Public Health  culminating 10 years of research at a cost of nearly $9 million identifying water treatment  technologies that can be used to remove hexavalent chromium (chromium 6) from drinking water supplies.  The Glendale City Council took on this significant research effort to identify ways to minimize the presence of this contaminant in our local water supplies. State and federal agencies will use this information as part of their efforts to set a specific drinking water quality standard, Minimum Contaminant Level (MCL) for chromium 6 in water supplies


This report is a culmination of many years of research activities to identify technologies and costs associated in the removal of chromium 6 from drinking water supplies. Glendale Water & Power pioneered this research effort with almost all funds coming from non-Glendale sources. This research will be critical to the federal and state water quality agencies as they set their respective water quality standards using information in this report.


“We were so pleased that so many other organizations throughout the country assisted in funding the research activities to make this a premier research effort and recognizing its nationwide significance”, stated Don Froelich, Project Manager for Glendale Water & Power. As part of the research, GWP constructed two state-of-the-art water demonstration treatment facilities that received nationwide attention for their capability to remove chromium to exceptionally low levels in drinking water.


Glendale Water & Power is very appreciative of the support from the office of Congressman Adam Schiff which helped GWP secure a major portion of grant funding. “It was a pleasure to work with Senator Boxer to help secure funding to enable GWP to study the equipment and technologies that are needed to remove Chromium 6 from our water supply and that of other communities around the nation,” said Congressman Adam Schiff. “While much work still remains to be done to remove Chromium 6 – now a known carcinogen – this is a milestone. This study is a great example of a federal, state and local partnership to solve an extremely important water quality issue. I applaud GWP for leading the way in developing the technologies necessary to remove cancer-causing agents from our drinking water.”


The full report including the appendices is available on GWP’s website Glendale Water & Power will be providing copies of its report to state-wide and national water quality agencies as well as local legislators and state and federal water quality agencies.



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