Preliminary Diagonal Crosswalk Comments and Figures

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Below are the preliminary results of a nonscientific poll that Crescenta Valley Weekly initiated regarding the recently installed diagonal crosswalk at Ocean View and Honolulu in Montrose. The comments are from people who are familiar with Montrose and the new diagonal crosswalk.

CVW continues to accept feedback on this issue. Those interested in commenting can do so by going to the comment section of, by dropping or mailing a note to the office (3800 La Crescenta Ave. #101, La Crescenta 91214), by calling the office [(818) 248-2740], by filling out and turning in the form on page 6, or visiting the newspaper’s Facebook page.

This survey was conducted by CVW when the crosswalk was first implemented. The newspaper asked for the public’s thoughts on the diagonal crosswalk. As of March 4, 88% of people surveyed had a negative viewpoint, 10% had a positive viewpoint, and 2% were neutral.

A random sampling of teenagers shows that out of 44 surveyed, 23 liked it, 21 didn’t like it, 4 thought Montrose needed it, 40 don’t know why we have it, 44 felt it is unnecessary.

Some of the positive comments from teens include

• I like being able to skate in the middle of the street

• It makes us look like a city

• It’s fun; I like walking in the middle of the street

Negative comments included:

• Traffic is really bad.

• Too dangerous; I am worried about crossing the street

• It has affected the bus system and that really affects me

• Crossing two small streets doesn’t make any sense

• Don’t know why we need it. We don’t have enough pedestrians.

• Too much traffic

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6 Responses for “Preliminary Diagonal Crosswalk Comments and Figures”

  1. Rich says:

    Beyond stupid Montrose is a small town trying to make it a “city” with diagnal crosswalks is unfathomably moronic and may very well lead to pedestrian inn jury’s /fatalities . What fool came up with this bullshit? He or she should be forced to walk it every day for 8 hours a day until he/she figures lut how stupid it truly is

  2. Naomi Blackburn says:

    Montrose is not like tokyo. It is such a small area and not necessary. I think it only makes drivers anxious. What’s wrong with pedestrians, can’t wait for an extra light to cross?

  3. David says:

    I’ve noticed that this slows both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. People are getting frustrated, honking horns, running more red lights, and the pedestrians are jay-walking more. Autos are turning right while pedestrians are in the intersection.

    Keeping clear the area in front of the left turn into the Chase parking lot would help. Preventing left turns from Honolulu onto Ocean View would remove a lot of back-up.

  4. Tom Suter says:

    The traffic is bad enough in Montrose without this mess. If I cannot access a business via the back roads and alleys, I will not go to them. I plan to stay at least a block away from that intersection and the associated GPD ticket trap. It was bad enough going to Giuseppe’s last Friday. A meat head past me on the left and turned right in front of me because I was waiting for a pedestrian in the cross walk. People are crazy when they have to wait and this traffic scheme will probably make it only worse. There are plenty of other places to eat and shop without having to go through that meat grinder.

  5. Jim Jackson says:

    The diagonal crosswalk at Ocean View and Honolulu has the unintentional consequence of causing traffic to back up east and west bound on Honolulu. Cars are bypassing this area via Montrose Ave. causing heavy traffic there. I will not drive through Montrose now, it’s a mess. Long signal times, bus traffic, emergency vehicle traffic and frustration aren’t worth it. Montrose has now lost its charm.

  6. Robert van Bebber says:

    Finally, a solution for a problem that never existed. This was the easiest and most pleasant intersection in Glendale for a pedestrian to cross the street. It always felt quick and safe. Now you have to wait for two signals to be allowed to cross and when you are finally able to, traffic backs up in all directions.
    Also, as a driver you can now have the delightful experience of waiting for up to four full cycles of green lights in traffic backed up on Honolulu all the way from Ocean View to Verdugo to finally be able to cross the intersection.
    The only explanation that I have been able to come up with is that the traffic engineers in downtown Glendale are envious of our relaxed free flowing traffic patterns and want us to have the same miserable experiences that they have to constantly endure downtown. Either that, or they are not quite as bright as they think they are. Maybe someone else can answer that.

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