Having Crosswalk Fun at OV and Honolulu

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The diagonal crosswalk at Honolulu and Ocean View is getting a lot of attention, not all good, but the crew from Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union decided to take advantage of the stopped traffic to promote business!
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2 Responses for “Having Crosswalk Fun at OV and Honolulu”

  1. Robert Newcombe says:

    My biggest complaint about the change to the crosswalk is that it now takes so long to cross the street. And I walk through that intersection close to 20 times a week. I have only crossed diagonally twice. But removing the other crosswalks on Honolulu would be a huge mistake. Those crosswalks help give Montrose its small town feel and allow pedestrians to easily cross back and forth on Honolulu. The Glendale Public Works director clearly does not spend time in Montrose.

  2. Julie Drobner says:

    The diagonal crosswalk is not pedestrian friendly, the signals are longer to allow for the crossings but the traffic is backed up . It causes more traffic congestion at the intersections since they are only 1 lane each. This only works in multiple lane areas like Old Town Pasadena. Why not make the 2 or 3 blocks of Honolulu pedestrians only, like the 3rd St,. Promenade in SM.

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