It’s Going to Rain (Remember Rain?)


Get ready – Southern California is about to experience something a little unusual – rain.

The rain that the state needs so badly is heading our way in the form of two storms. The first, and smaller one, will hit the central coast Wednesday morning and is expected to arrive in the Crescenta Valley later in the day, said Bonnie Bartlett, weather specialist with the National Weather Service Oxnard.

“That storm should bring a half to one inch of rain,” she said.

The second storm, which is expected to arrive on Friday, carries a bigger punch.

“That [one] has a potential for snow,” Bartlett said.

Snow levels will begin at 7,000 on Friday and by Saturday lower to 5,000 feet. This second wave will also bring some south/southwestern winds.

It is important to remember that the roadways have been affected by the drought as well. Rain on the dry roads equals slippery conditions.

“We always advise to drive for the road conditions,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Patrick Kimball. Prior to the rain, Kimball suggests drivers check the tread on their tires because good tread will reduce the risk of hydroplaning and to make certain windshield wipers work well.

CHP does see an increase in traffic accidents when roads are wet.

“Keep a good cushion between you and the car in front of you. And give yourself extra time to get from point A to B,” he said.

When the bigger storm hits on Saturday, Kimball has another suggestion.

“On Saturday, if you [can], just stay home,” he advised.

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