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Introduces Measure to Help Bring Waste, Fraud and Abuse to Light

 Each year, thousands of Californians do the right thing by reporting waste, fraud, violations of law, and political corruption. When they do the right thing, they are protected from retaliation under the California Whistleblower Protection Act, but not the folks who work for the State Legislature.

 Assemblymember Anthony Portantino’s efforts to provide legislative staffers with the same protection from retaliation as other state employees when they report government wrongdoing and abuse, will get a second political life as AB 2256 makes its way through the legislative process.

Earlier this year, Portantino’s previous bill (AB 1378) was sidelined in Assembly Appropriations, despite unanimous support in the Judiciary Committee. Assembly leadership killed it when it got to Appropriations. Today, Assemblymember Portantino reintroduced the bill, with an important change.

AB 2256 would require the Rules Committees of both the Assembly and Senate to designate an officer to receive written complaints and the state Fair Political Practices Commission will be responsible for the investigation. Those found guilty of retaliation could face fines up to $10,000 and a year in county jail.

The legislation offers equal protections to Legislative staffers as those offered to employees in the Governor’s office, other state agencies and appointees to state boards or commissions.


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