Glendale City Council ‘Work Boot’ Meeting Planned

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The Glendale City Council has launched “Work Boot Tuesday,” a once a month session in lieu of the City Council’s customary afternoon session. The monthly sessions, technically special City Council meetings complete with roll call and public comment, will provide an opportunity to conduct a site visit of Glendale’s critical systems and programs. The purpose of the sessions is to put “boots on the ground” and allow the councilmembers to familiarize themselves with the people and operations that deliver services to Glendale residents and businesses.

The first Work Boot Tuesday is scheduled for Feb. 24 and will be held at Grayson Power Plant. The council will be briefed by power plant personnel and then tour the facility. Members of the public will be invited to join the tours.

The Grayson site visit is important to the council’s consideration of the GWP Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which will outline the future options for the council pertaining to potentially repowering the plant – an undertaking that would comprise the largest single public works project in the city’s history. Future on-site meetings in March and April, respectively, will focus on police field investigations and traffic/pedestrian safety, and EMS/paramedic service delivery. According to a press release, the goal is not to cover the entirety of departmental operations in one session, but rather allow policymakers to delve into the details through tours, live demonstrations, and interactions with the boots on the ground.

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