Valley View Students Define Love

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Offering their views on love for Valentine’s Day were fourth graders Laine Stubbs and Dahsom Seo (above). Students hand out goodies in class (below) and look over their Valentine loot (bottom).

Offering their views on love for Valentine’s Day were fourth graders Laine Stubbs and Dahsom Seo.


Every February, supermarket entrances are filled with delectable chocolates, plush stuffed animals and heart-shaped knick knacks, all shining with red and pink colors in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

For many, this day is an excuse to show someone they care by presenting a card or displaying a thoughtful gesture.

For Valentine’s Day, some Valley View students were asked what, to them, the definition of love was. While some students shied away from the question, others were more than happy to share their insight.
Valley View Students Define Love
“Love is like a passion of showing your expression. It’s priceless. You have to find it in them – you have to get in that person and find the love. It’s not about loving your shirt or of loving how you dress. It’s about your personality and how you act,” said fifth-grade student Ashley Steele.

This year some classes participated in the long-held tradition of exchanging Valentines with classmates and friends. Students in Charlotte Briner’s fourth grade class went around their classroom, sharing friendly notes with images of their favorite characters and cards that had pencils, stickers and candies attached.

Despite the chaotic excitement, some fourth grade students were eager to reveal their thoughts on love.

“[Love] means that you should be together forever. It’s like a family and you will never fight and you’ll always be together and care about each other when they’re not there,” Elena Guevondian said of what love meant to her.

“I think [love is] about friendship,” said 9-year-old Tommy Lovato.

“[Love is like] the golden rule, treat people how you would like to be treated and do what’s in your heart,” explained student Laine Stubbs.

“Love is like a delicious candy bar. You never want to doubt it or resist it,” said Brandon Duplessis.

“[Love] means that you should love people and take care of them even though you don’t like them that much you should be nice to them,” expressed Dahsom Seo.

A few second graders bashfully communicated what love meant to them.

“Love is being with your family,” said Sophia.

“Love is how you feel about something or someone,” Emily added.

“[Love is] if you like them or not,” Liam said.

While some students were quick to offer their definition, other students took a moment to gather their thoughts proving that love is one of the rare words that even though you can find a definition in the dictionary, the meaning is different for everyone.

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