GWP and CEIVA Work for Additional Customer Savings

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Glendale Water & Power (GWP) and CEIVA Energy, a utility-controlled home energy management system (HEMS) provider today announced they will expand their customer engagement program. Based on the success of the initial deployment, GWP and CEIVA will work together to deliver additional energy savings tools to customers, including smart thermostats. The pilot program expansion will reach more than six times as many Glendale residential customers as in the initial deployment, helping GWP reach its energy efficiency, demand response and customer engagement goals.


The expanded customer engagement pilot program will give Glendale homeowners access to comprehensive services provided by the CEIVA Homeview platform. All customers will continue to receive CEIVA’s “glanceable” in-home display, which collects data directly from homeowners’ digital meters, analyzes the data and converts it into compelling, personalized messages and visuals. The Homeview display then presents these messages alongside cloud-based personal photos and engaging conservation messages to support the utility’s goals. The expanded deployment will also offer all participants a programmable communicating thermostat and tie in directly with GWP’s demand response program, enabling customers to dramatically save on energy costs during times of peak demand.


GWP and CEIVA recently announced strong survey results from their initial pilot program rollout. Deploying just the in-home display and cloud services, GWP customers reported a nine fold improvement in understanding of their energy consumption. Eighty three percent of respondents reported changing their behavior to reduce energy and water use after joining the CEIVA pilot program.


“After seeing the impressive customer feedback from our initial deployment with CEIVA, expanding the program to help more Glendale residents reduce their energy costs was an easy decision,” said Steve Zurn, General Manger of GWP. “The next phase of the pilot program gives GWP more ways to engage with a larger customer base, by offering the addition of smart thermostats that gives customers the tools to reduce their energy usage. As a result, we’ll be able to offer the right mix of targeted programs to boost engagement around energy use and help our customers reduce energy costs even farther.” Customers that are interested in being  part of the expanded pilot program should contact Varsenik Avetisian at GWP,


In addition to providing clear benefits to GWP customers, the CEIVA Energy program will provide GWP with several additional utility services, including:

  • The Entryway software suite, which will allow GWP to analyze home energy use, monitor HEMS devices and deliver residential demand response
  • Integration of the Programmable Communicating Thermostat with Entryway and the Homeview display, presenting energy use tied with specific heating and cooling behavior directly to customers
  • Product licensing, implementation, integration, training, and ongoing maintenance and service


“CEIVA’s work with GWP proves that a compelling customer engagement platform is critical to helping utilities more effectively achieve their goals across a range of programs,” said CEIVA Energy CEO Dean Schiller. “GWP’s forward-thinking approach to energy engagement builds on our initial success to provide even more benefits to their customers and the Glendale community.”


About CEIVA Energy
CEIVA Energy provides a comprehensive, flexible utility-controlled Home Energy Management System that helps utilities comply with regulations to reduce energy use and engage with customers. CEIVA Entryway is an enterprise software suite that make it easy for utilities to analyze home energy use, manage the smart meter HAN and deliver effective residential DR at scale. CEIVA Homeview is a complete engagement solution that enables utilities to deliver compelling real-time energy consumption data and energy efficiency messages that influence customers. For more information, please visit:


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