Valley View Welcomes Korean New Year

Photo by Eli LOCKE Girls at Valley View Elementary School worked for months on the dance routines that they presented dressed in traditional outfits for Korean New Year.


On Friday, Feb. 4, Valley View Elementary School, with the help of the Korean Parents Association, held an assembly to celebrate the Korean Lunar New Year and to teach students about Korean culture. In addition to traditional Korean dancing, the sixth grade class played tug of war and displayed drawings by students with a New Year’s theme.

The children were given an opportunity to learn new things about one of the area’s most prominent cultures. The students had been preparing for the event since October, according to parent Terry McKiernan.

“The KPA welcomed all students [into the festivities] with open arms,” McKiernan said.

The girls who participated in the dances spent months learning the routines under the direction of the KPA. The end result was a very impressive performance of Korean art.

McKiernan’s daughter participated in the dance routines. “It was really fun … [and] really interesting,” she said of the performance.

Awards were given for the best art submitted, recognizing those pictures that best illustrate how each artist celebrates new years in their family.

Korean New year, also called Seollal, is considered to be a family holiday, and is usually observed by visiting family. Seollal starts off with a ceremony of ancestral rites, which is often followed by traditional games with the family.