Alternatives offered to Earmark Funding

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The full city council convened last Tuesday to discuss the ramifications of a recent moratorium on the use of earmarks in Congress and the affect it will have on local funding in Glendale. John Takhtalian of the city of Glendale briefed the council on alternatives to earmarking to fund local projects.

At stake are seven projects, including some for water recycling, housing for veterans, and a DNA laboratory.

“Currently the federal government is experiencing a deficit,” said Takhtalian. “As a result, when funding does become available in 2012, it will be extremely limited and very competitive. Furthermore, the traditional earmark process may be replaced with a competitive grant process.”

Mike Miller, a representative of the Ferguson Group (a D.C. lobbying group), also explored the idea of discretionary grants as an alternative to earmarks. “It’s not business-as-usual with appropriations,” noted Miller. “In order to secure funding for city projects, we’re going to be looking at a number of different avenues for those that don’t include the appropriation request.”

The council then moved to have their seven projects to be considered for discretionary grants by the federal government. The motion passed unanimously.

City council also approved unanimously the purchase of a new 9-1-1 recorder for the city’s emergency dispatch. The previous recording system had been in place for six years; they need to be switched out every five years.

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