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The Crescenta Valley Town Council and Crescenta Valley High School are teaming up to form a tutoring program, which they hope will utilize members of the community to tutor elementary school age children.

Frank Beyt, a member of the Crescenta Valley Town Council and one of the chief organizers of the tutoring program, said, “We’re interested in organizing volunteers from the community to go to La Crescenta schools and help kids. We want to be there to help kids with particular needs. We don’t want to just help them complete a homework assignment, but also help them with any individual learning issues they might be having.”

As for what kind of people the program would want as tutors, Beyt had only a few specific qualifications he was looking for.

“We’re looking for someone who works well with children first and foremost and also someone who is dependable. If you can’t support that child on a regular basis, it doesn’t really do the child any good. We’re just looking for people who can come for one, two, five hours a week and who can come regularly.”

The program is already working with some schools, such as La Crescenta Elementary, as it is organized. Beyt emphasized that the program will be working closely with schools.

“We will be working with both the principals and the teachers. We’re there purely as a helping hand.”

According to printed information, “The CVTC tutoring program will start by offering tutoring to students at La Crescenta Elementary School during the school day and after school. Tutors are expected to work closely with the tutees’ teachers and principal Kim Bishop. Mrs. Bishop will also provide an orientation for the tutors. The CVTC Tutoring Program hopes that many residents will be able to participate to ensure success for the students and the program. Other schools in the valley are interested in the CVTC bringing this program to their campuses.”

Dennis Van Bremen is a member of the Crescenta Valley Town Council and is a retired counselor with Crescenta Valley High School. He spoke of integrating the GATE program into the tutoring program. To this end, the tutoring program would not only look for regular tutors, but also “individuals who could share their expertise.”

Van Bremen gave examples of these types of individuals, those who worked in scientific fields, such as former JPL employees and also musicians and artists, anybody who could share professional expertise.

Anyone interested in becoming a part of the program may contact Dennis Van Bremen at (818) 437-5026 or visit the CVTC website. La Crescenta Elementary Principal Kim Bishop will also be speaking about the program at the Feb. 16 CVTC meeting. Meetings are held regularly at the La Crescenta Public Library.

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