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The Diversity of the Foothills – Celebrating or Grudgingly Acknowledging?

Robin Goldsworthy is the publisher of the Crescenta Valley Weekly. She can be reached at or (818) 248-2740.

Recent articles by CV Weekly columnists Mike Lawler and Jim Chase have sparked discussion regarding diversity locally in the foothills as well as nationally.

Jim Chase, in an early 2012 column, railed against Sacramento saddling the state and its residents with an additional 700-plus laws, citing several. A majority were related to gay issues [“New Year, New Laws, Same Old Sacramento,” Jan. 5].

This column struck a chord with readers – some who agreed with his point of view and others accusing him – and by association the CV Weekly – with being bigoted. I had the chance to have a discussion (of sorts, via email) with a reader who questioned why CV Weekly “chose” to only air one voice when it comes to many controversial issues.

I thought I would take a moment and share my explanation.

Simply put, I cannot publish what is not submitted.

An important feature of the paper is the letters to the editor section in Viewpoints. This is the forum to engage in dialogue about issues relating to and affecting the foothills community including commenting on columns written. I welcome, encourage, urge folks to take a moment and jot down a note about something they’ve read that they either like or dislike. This is the best opportunity to offer diverse opinions on whatever affects the community.

Though I humbly accept the support of the community for launching this paper, I do not purport to agree with every opinion that our columnists offer. Nor should I. It is, after all, their opinion.

In addition to Jim Chase’s column, Mike Lawler generated a response to his column last week.

“Jewish Life in Old CV” prompted a letter from a reader who questions just how much has changed in CV since the olden days. You can read her thoughts on page 9.

And – again – I welcome your letters.