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New Water Lines Planned

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The Crescenta Valley Water District announced that it will be replacing outdated water lines along the 3000 to 3100 blocks of Santa Carlotta Street, off of Ramsdell Avenue. CVWD anticipates construction starting on March 4, in which water pipelines, water meters, fire hydrants and other equipment will be replaced on Santa Carlotta and nearby Cloud Avenue and Paraiso Way. According to Project Manager Christina Olmedo, the pipelines throughout this area are more than 50 years old and have subsequently developed leaks.

In order to bring the public up to speed on the particulars of the project, CVWD held a meeting Jan. 31 night on the corner of Santa Carlotta Street and Cloud Avenue, right where construction is expected to commence in a month’s time. With darkness setting in, residents gathered for a meeting held in the street, illuminated by portable lighting and heat lamps.

District Engineer David Gould told the crowd that the project was part of CVWD’s larger, three-year Capital Improvement Project to replace much of the area’s pipes.

“The goal is to replace about half a mile of pipeline per year,” said Gould.

Gould acknowledged that the tight quarters of Santa Carlotta, a dead end street with no sidewalks, will make driving in and out more difficult once the project is underway.

“There will be a lot of ‘no parking’ during construction,” said Gould. “It’s going to be a slight inconvenience.”

In addition, some driveways may be temporarily blocked off during construction. Anyone needing driveway access should receive assistance from onsite CVWD inspectors and the contractor.

It is estimated that construction will be completed in about two months. During this time period, residents in the immediate area may be affected with temporary water shutoffs and parking restrictions. CVWD said residents will be notified at least 48 hours before any such incident and the shutdown periods will last about six to eight hours each time.

The project also will not incur additional costs to any affected homeowners, according to Gould, but will be part of the regular water bill.

Dennis Segal, who lives on Paraiso Way, said that despite the inconveniences, “I’m glad that they’re trying to make progress by replacing these older water lines.”

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