Feb. 1
Community Avenue and Raymond Avenue in La Crescenta, a man was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana concentrate [hashish]. Deputies allegedly witnessed the man sitting in his vehicle, smoking an unknown substance out of a black pipe at 8:07 a.m.

Jan. 30
3000 block of Santa Carlotta Street in La Crescenta, a resident discovered that the catalytic converter was stolen from her vehicle while it was parked at the location overnight.

Jan. 26
Foothill Boulevard and New York Avenue in Glendale, a man was arrested for suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and suspicion of possession of marijuana after deputies made a traffic stop at 11 a.m.

Jan. 25
4100 block of Rosemont Avenue in La Crescenta, the rear passenger side door was damaged and two jackets were stolen from a locked vehicle between noon and 9 p.m.

Jan. 24
2800 block of Foothill Boulevard in Montrose, deputies responded to Up the Hill bar to find a man lying face down on the ground by the rear exit door of the business. Deputies helped the man to his feet. They reportedly smelled an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and person. The man allegedly told deputies that he was not saying anything and to take him to jail so he could call his lawyer. Apparently the man had caused a disturbance and was physically escorted from the bar by an employee. The man continued to fight, allegedly picking up a shovel and swinging it toward the employee. The employee defended himself with a pool stick.

The man was arrested with assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats at midnight.