CV Sheriffs Respond to Possible High School ‘Disturbance’

Crescenta Valley High School parents received a ConnectEd phone call today from Associate Principal Christine Benitez informing parents of a “rumor of a possible disturbance in the area.” Anyone driving past CV high school today could see an increased number of L.A. County Sheriff patrol units due to the possible disturbance.
Apparently on a social media outlet students were having a conversation about a possible fight at school explained Lt. Jaeger of the CV Station. The only thing that law enforcement knew was that some type of fight that was scheduled but whether on campus or off campus – law enforcement was not sure.
“It is difficult to track down the origin [of the posting],” said Jaeger.
Jaeger added that, as a precaution, the CV Sheriff’s Station had a heightened presence at the school today; however, there was no fight nor any disturbance at the school.
“We don’t want to spread panic, “ he said. “We are here to help where we can.”
Sheriffs continue to investigate this issue and are attempting to track down its origin. Both Benitez and Jaeger advise parents to talk to their students and to share any unusual rumors with their parents and authorities.