Armenian American Museum Briefings Attract Large Audiences

The Armenian American Museum held three Glendale-based community forums to share the vision for the Museum and encourage community-driven feedback. All events have hosted a full house of local residents, community members and supporters. The events provided an overview of the project and an update on the status of the feasibility studies.

“It is our priority to create a positive relationship with neighboring residents of the proposed Museum site in addition to promoting the synergy and educational experiences the Museum will create with the Glendale Community College and Civic Auditorium,” stated Armenian American Museum executive committee chairman Berdj Karapetian. “Although the proposed location has met both positive and negative feedback, there is overwhelming support for the Museum and basing it in Glendale.”

The proposed location of the Museum, on the corner of Verdugo Road and Mountain Street adjacent to the Civic Auditorium and across the street from the Glendale Community College, has generated objections from residents who do not want anything built on the 74,000 square feet parking lot.

“Some opponents want to see the museum built in downtown Glendale because they are concerned that visitors to the museum will cause traffic congestion on the streets leading to their residences and activities at the museum will generate a large number of attendees,” said Karapetian.

The Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the City of Glendale requires the performance of a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Initial Study to evaluate the impact of the Museum on traffic, noise, air quality, geology, aesthetics, public services, population/housing, cultural resources and 10 other environmental factors. The Armenian American Museum governing board has already initiated environmental assessments, geotechnical studies, as well as traffic and circulation evaluations needed for the CEQA Initial Study.

“We are committed to providing all community members and stakeholders with the results of our finding as we move forward in evaluating the feasibility of building the Armenian American Museum on the proposed site,” stated Outreach Director Tigranna Zakaryan. “Our team will continue engaging in an active dialogue with the community and furthering our outreach efforts to community-based organizations and individuals interested in the Armenian American Museum.”

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