Advisory: Safety Tips for your children while they are walking to school

From Burbank Police Department:

There have been several reports in the surrounding communities of strangers grabbing young children while they are walking to and from school. In an effort to keep children safe in our community, the Burbank Police Department, in conjunction with the Burbank Unified School District, is providing the following “Stranger Danger” Safety Tips. Discuss these tips and have a safety plan in place with your children.

Stranger Danger Safety

Remind children:
• Stay with a group. Always walk with at least one friend, two or three is even better.
• Do not talk to strangers.
• If a stranger offers you a ride, say “NO!” and stay far away from their car.
• If a stranger follows you on foot, get away from him or her as quickly as you can. You can run and yell loudly, “HELP!”
• If a stranger follows you in a car, turn around and go the other direction.
• Never leave school with a stranger.
• Tell a trusted adult if a stranger is hanging around the school, playground, or public bathroom.
• Never accept things from a stranger.
• If a stranger asks you a question, don’t talk to them. Run away.
• Don’t go anywhere with a stranger.
• Leave items and clothing that display your name at home so a stranger cannot read it and use it to talk with you.
• If you arrive home alone, call your mother, father, or other trusted adult to let them know you are home and all right. Keep the door locked, don’t open the door for strangers, and don’t tell strangers that you are home alone.
• CALL 911 in an emergency.