Two Men Arrested for Suspicion of Mail Theft

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On Saturday at about 3:30 a.m., a Glendale police officer conducted a routine traffic stop in the area of Montrose and Briggs avenues.

The officer contacted the male driver, later identified as Everardo Amezcua Garcia, 33, and passenger Enrique Jr. Ruiz, 35, both from Los Angeles. While contacting the occupants, the officer allegedly noticed a black cellphone and two black rodent sticky traps on the rear right passenger bench seat as well as a backpack. Located in front of the driver’s seat was a police scanner that was turned on.

A computer check revealed Ruiz’s driver’s license was suspended and Garcia had an outstanding outside police agency arrest warrant for approximately $5,000.

A consent search of the vehicle reportedly revealed a glass pipe containing black and white burnt residue consistent with a smoking device used to smoke methamphetamine.

Located on the driver side headliner, a clear plastic wrapper containing large pieces of an off-white crystalline substance, which resembled crystal methamphetamine, was located.

A further search of the car allegedly revealed a device on the front passenger floorboard that is often used as a “fishing burglary tool” to illegally obtain mail from U.S. Postal Office mail boxes. A bottle containing a yellow/orange sticky liquid on the front passenger floorboard was also located. This liquid is commonly placed on the device to retrieve mail.

Officers also noted that Ruiz’s hands contained the sticky substance on the bottom side of his hands.

A search of a backpack revealed personal items belonging to three individuals from the City of Arleta. Four individual checks totaling over $800 and three articles of mail with a hard sticky substance on the outside portion of the mail was also located in the back pack. Officers also located a California Certificate of Title (pink slip) belonging to a person in the City of Los Angeles with the sticky liquid material on the outside portion of the mail. This appeared to be the same sticky substance found on the burglary tool in the vehicle’s front passenger seat. The backpack contained other rolls of tape materials and various tools.

Located in the vehicle’s driver side visor were five individual checks totaling over $2,600 from persons living in the City of La Cañada, Burbank and La Crescenta.

Based on the investigation, Garcia and Ruiz were placed under arrest for a variety of charges including burglary, burglary tools, receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

A search of Ruiz reportedly revealed two money-grams belonging to two different persons, totaling $500 and five individual checks belonging to individual persons other than Ruiz or Garcia. These checks had a total value of $8,376.32.

Detectives contacted the five individuals and confirmed they were victims of mail theft.

The case remains under investigation by detectives.

Enrique Ruiz Jr

Enrique Ruiz Jr

Everardo Garcia

Everardo Garcia



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