Missing Woman’s Vehicle Discovered

updated 5:03 p.m.

The identity of the remains found in the vehicle will most likely not be identified until next week according to Tahnee Lightfoot.

During this difficult time, the family has requested those to respect their privacy.

Photos by Charly SHELTON
Montrose Search and Rescue team members descend down the side of a hill where a vehicle belonging to missing woman Megan (Ganajian) Dipiazza was found. Photos by Charly SHELTON

By Mary O’KEEFE and Charly SHELTON

A vehicle discovered Sunday night by a hiker in the Angeles National Forest has been indentified as belonging to missing mother and daughter Megan (Ganajian) Dipiazza. Depiazza has not been seen since Nov. 11, 2012. She was 33 years old at the time she went missing.

According to Glendale Police Dept. spokesperson Tahnee Lightfoot, identification found in the car was that of Dipiazza along with credit cards in her name and a family photo. Detectives also found human remains (bones).

GPD was called out Sunday night, but it was too dark to proceed. The car was about 500 feet over the side of the road at mile marker 40, about 20 minutes above Foothill Boulevard. Detectives returned today with a coroner team. Montrose Search & Rescue is assisting in the vehicle recovery. Angeles Crest Highway may be closed during the recovery.






  • Greg

    This year is icier than most others. 50/50 the odds for that side of road
    Too sad man, happens all the time.