Box Truck Causes Power Outages

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Glendale police responded to a call concerning an unoccupied run away truck in the 4800 block of Dunsmore Avenue at 3:57 p.m. today. When they arrived, the truck was still in motion. It sheared a utility pole on the west side of the street before stopping. At impact, sparks flew from the cables igniting a small fire in woodchips located on the lawn of a nearby home.
Glendale Fire Dept. had the fire contained within minutes, said Sgt. Tom Lorenz.
The impact resulted in widespread power outages with 2,034 Glendale Water & Power customers without electricity at one point. Within about an hour all but 100 customers had power restored.
The truck did not injure anyone. The person who rented the truck was a new resident of the 4800 block of Dunsmore moving into a home.
“Mom and I were watching TV and I heard a noise that I had never heard before,” said neighbor Judy Choi who lives next to the home that had the fire. She added that after running outside, “I saw the electrical pole had been hit and there were sparks coming from the pole.”
“I just heard an explosion,” said another neighbor, Jens M. Rubschlager.
Crews will be working through the night to remove the truck and replace the pole. They are hoping to restore power to the remaining customers soon.


A box truck, unoccupied, hit an electric pole at 3:57p.m. on Dunsmore Avenue. Wide spread power outages including phone service resulted due to the loss of the pole. Dunsmore Avenue is closed from Santa Carlotta Avenue to Foothill Boulevard.


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  1. Jeff Olmstead says:

    Good reporting. Just what I wanted to know about tonight’s power outage. Hi Jens! CVHS ’72!

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