Glendale City Council makes quick work last Tuesday

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With barely enough time to remove one’s coat, the Glendale City Council held an atypically brief council meeting on Tuesday evening. Not that the issues on Jan. 11 were dealt with flippantly by the members of the council. All members, save for Frank Quintero, were present.

Mayor Ara Najarian, together with the rest of his council colleagues, issued a proclamation declaring Jan. 11 to be “Korean American Day” in the city of Glendale.

“Glendale and its adjacent cities,” noted Mayor Najarian, “is home to approximately 700,000 Koreans – the largest population of Koreans outside the Korean peninsula.” Najarian praised the very first Korean immigrants to America. “[They] did not falter in their pursuit of the American dream … and educated their … children … who became patriotic Americans.”

On hand to receive the mayor’s proclamation were Mr. & Mrs. Han, 25-year residents of Glendale, and a representative of the Korean-American Federation. The Hans were extolled as a shining example of the contributions Koreans have given to the United States.

“Their son is a doctor at [Glendale] Adventist,” fellow resident Chang Lee declared proudly of the Han family.

An important issue was raised concerning GWP rate increases, reviewing conservation tactics, and alternative rate structures. Given the nature of the topic, it was surprising that there was nobody from the public to lend their voice to the argument. Glenn Stieger, general manager of Glendale Water and Power (GWP), briefed the council on various proposals received to alter the present GWP rate structure.

“We received nine proposals from nine different consultants,” Stieger informed the council. “Out of the interview and initial screening process, we are proposing to award the contract to Willdan Consulting to do the analysis that we expect will probably take 3 to 4 months at which time we’ll return to you with their analysis of different rate structures.”

Mayor Najarian stressed the importance of community outreach regarding the rate changes and incentives for patrons that conserve water. Stieger assured the council that Willdan and the GWP would ensure that this would be the case. The attending councilmembers approved the motion unanimously.

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