Tips on Staying Healthy this Season


With the rains, colder temperatures and just normal fall flu season, there are a few things people can do to help protect them against illness.

“We’ve been seeing it all this season,” said Dr. John Rodarte, with Descanso Pediatrics in La Cañada. “From stomach viruses to strep throat and upper respiratory infections.”

Rodarte suggested one of the best protections against colds and influenza is to simply “wash your hands.”

“Also treating your body right by eating healthy – always a great New Years resolution – and getting enough sleep will help you maintain your body’s natural immune system at its best,” he added.

Flu season is just beginning in Southern California and Rodarte suggested getting a flu vaccine.

“This year’s vaccine is a better match for the strains of flu we will be seeing,” he said.

Last year the flu vaccine that was offered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was less effective.

“And if you do end up getting sick, remember to keep washing your hands and cover your cough so you don’t pass it on to friends and family. In addition, best to stay home from work or school when sick so those around you also don’t get ill,” Rodarte advised.

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