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New officers installed and one long time member resigns from council.


A new president will bang the gavel for the first time calling the Crescenta Valley Town Council monthly meeting to order on Jan. 21. Cheryl Davis will preside over seven general councilmembers including newly elected Todd Thornbury as well as alternate Charles Beatty and two newly elected alternates Kim Mattersteig and Silvana Casalegno. There is likely to be another change to the council’s make up as current member Grace Andrus announced in December she would be resigning.

Andrus made her announcement at the end of the December meeting citing work issues as the reason she is stepping down. As she told the council and the audience of her decision she gave some parting advice to the council reminding them to look at all sides of an issue and to keep up the hard work that former councilmembers began.

“Our council is large. With 12 members it is huge,” she said. Andrus suggested the council think about reducing the number of elected members and allowing others to serve on a volunteer status.

“It has been a pleasure working with all of you,” she added.

Davis was voted in as president of the council at the December meeting. She has served on the board for over two years and has worked closely with parting president Steve Pierce. “I think she is a great choice,” Pierce said of his replacement.

Before winning the president’s seat Davis had served as the council’s recording secretary. She is also the treasurer of CV DOGS, a group of community volunteers that is working to establish a dog park in Crescenta Valley. Davis is a strong supporter of Girl Scouts and has helped local troops with various Bronze and Gold award projects.

Davis said she had seen the council grow under Pierce’s leadership and wants to continue that growth to help the community.

One of Davis’ first acts was to accept Andrus’ letter of resignation that was submitted on Dec. 23.

The first alternate Kim Mattersteig will therefore serve the remainder of Andrus’ term, which ends in 2010. Charles Beatty, the second alternate, will move to first, Davis said. She will appoint a third alternate for the council to vote on at the January meeting.

Steve Goldsworthy, who was elected in 2008, won the votes at the December meeting to be appointed as vice president. Danette Erickson was voted as the recording secretary, Robbyn Battles is the new corresponding secretary and Dennis van Bremen was voted in for another term as treasurer.

The next community meeting of the CV Town Council will be at 7 p.m. on Jan. 21 at the Rosemont Middle School cafeteria. The public is invited to attend the meeting and share concerns during public comments. Supervisor Michael Antonovich is currently scheduled to attend. If the council approves Davis’ choice for third alternate the supervisor will administer the oath of office.
The new La Crescenta librarian Marta Wiggins is also scheduled to be introduced at the meeting.

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