Brown Takes Oath, Prepares California for Cuts


Jerry Brown officially regained his post as California’s governor on Monday when he was sworn in at his inauguration. Any celebratory inclinations took a quick backseat to addressing the task ahead, that being the state budget, which will be proposed next Monday, Jan. 10.

Brown stated in his speech that, “The budget I present next week will be painful,
but it will be an honest

With a projected $28 billion deficit, it is expected that many cuts are to be made and that no portion of the current state budget will be left untouched. Ever since the election, Brown has been open about making cuts and doing whatever was necessary to combat a deficit a third of the size of the entire state budget.

“Choices have to be made and difficult decisions taken,” Brown said. “At this stage
of my life, I have not come
here to embrace delay or denial.”

Details of the budget will not be released until Monday, but Brown has made it clear that education will take its toll of the budget cuts. However, he assures that he is “determined to enhance our public schools so that our citizens of the future have the skills, the zest and the character to keep California up among the best.” He spoke of doing whatever he could towards this end, “aside from economic advance.”

Other state services, such as welfare, are expected to suffer similar, large cuts while some temporary tax hikes, which are set to expire next year, were encouraged by Brown. He spoke earlier of not setting any new taxes unless the people voted them in, so it will be up to the voters whether or not these tax hikes apply.

But all was not doom and gloom, even though the brighter moments of his inaugural speech still were in reference to the state’s budget situation. Brown reflected on his family’s journey to America as immigrants from Germany and how they battled the elements to make the land their home. He credited Californians for having such will to face challenges, stating that, “The people of California have not lost their pioneering spirit or their capacity to meet life’s challenges.”

All in all, Brown has made certain that he braces Californians for whatever is coming, as can be attested by the headfirst nature of his inaugural speech and others.

“The plan represents my best understanding of our real dilemmas and possibilities. It is a tough budget for tough times.”

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