Breaking News: Hit and Run on Montrose Avenue

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A 47-year-old La Crescenta man was a victim of a hit and run after a
vehicle struck him while he was crossing the 3100 block of Montrose
Avenue about 7 p.m. Friday night. Glendale police are asking for the
public’s help in identifying those involved.

“Montrose Avenue is wide and [the pedestrian] had apparently stopped in
the median to allow cars to cross,” said Sgt. Tom Lorenz.

The man was crossing from the south side of Montrose Avenue to the north.
A vehicle that was traveling westbound on Montrose stopped or slowed
down, yielding to the pedestrian.

“Another car drove [around] and passed the [yielding] car. That car
struck the man. He was thrown about 70 feet,” said Sgt. Dennis Smith with
the Glendale police traffic bureau.

Neither driver, of the car that slowed and the one that hit the man,
stopped. They both continued to drive westbound on Montrose Avenue.

The victim’s wife witnessed the accident however police need the public’s
help in identifying the driver of the hit and run. They are also
interested in the driver of the vehicle that yielded because he or she
may have information on the hit and run vehicle.

The man or woman driver that yielded to the pedestrian did not break any
laws by leaving the scene, Smith said. “But we would really like to talk
to that driver. We know he or she saw a vehicle drive around the car but
we don’t know if the driver was aware of the man being hit,” he said.

Though police have little information there is one common thread in that
all witnesses believe the vehicle that struck the pedestrian was some
type of SUV, Smith added.

As of 11 p.m. Friday night doctors were determining whether to put the
victim on life support.

Anyone with information can contact the Glendale police through
CrimeStoppers at (818) 507-7867 or the Glendale police department at
(818) 548-4840. Any information is valuable to officers
and can be held confidential.

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