Fremont Elementary Presents ‘Dreaming of Snow’

Photo byIsiah REYES
Photo byIsiah REYES

By Isiah REYES

Fremont Elementary School singers held a “Dreaming of Snow” Christmas choir performance on Dec. 4 to get everyone in the holiday spirit. The performance included classics such as “Frosty the Snowman” as well as contemporary songs such as “Hip-Hop Turkey.”

This year, all the kids who participated did so because they wanted to be part of the production. But this was not always the case.

“Before, when the program was for everyone, you had students in there who really weren’t particularly interested in singing,” said Principal Christin Molano. “Now this makes it entertaining for everybody who is involved.”

The kids who participated in the choir showed commitment by getting up early in the morning to practice. The choir was directed by Bobbi Wooldridge, a fifth grade teacher who decided to volunteer her energies as director.

“We’re really proud of Mrs. Wooldridge who took it on voluntarily,” said Molano. “She really loves music and really inspired the kids to commit and give it their best. It has created a wonderful performance.”

The performance began with a skit featuring Fremont student actors Whitney Nah, Summer Ruyle, Rachel Park and Megan Parada. This was followed by songs “Frosty the Snowman,” “If I Could Fly like a Snowflake,” and “Don’t be a Turkey” sung by primary school children.

The upper grade singers then took stage to follow with “Mr. Frosty Winter,” “A Candlelight Vigil,” “Holly and Ivy and Evergreen” and “Hip-Hop Turkey.” Then both groups of singers joined to finish the concert with “All We’re Meant To Be” and “Celebrate with Joy!”

Once in a while, a turkey would appear holding an “I’m Not a Turkey” sign fooling the farmer every time.

The production did more than just bring out the holiday spirit for the performers.

“Having a music program emphasizes having to put together a performance [so the students] understand what it’s like to speak and stand in public,” Molano said. “And it takes commitment to make all the rehearsals and practices, so it’s important.”

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