A Red Ribbon production

Photo by Mary O’KEEFE Matt Anderson, left, works with fellow filmmakers for a video on living a drug free life.
Photo by Mary O’KEEFE Matt Anderson, left, works with fellow filmmakers for a video on living a drug free life.


CV High School students from the cinematography class were busy filming around campus the last few weeks preparing for Red Ribbon Week.

Teacher Peter Kim set the stage with a few questions that centered on the positive side of not doing drugs.

Kim and principal Linda Evans decided to take a positive approach to Red Ribbon Week, empowering students to take control of what happens at their school.

“Instead of shoving numbers and negative stats down their throats, we are focusing what is right at our school, the right things they are doing,” Kim said.

Students from the class filmed fellow students from a variety of clubs and sports on what they wanted to be remembered for.

“I want to be remembered as a friend, supportive and a good teammate,” said one student on camera.

“As someone who cares,” said another.

“This is a big issue at school, we just wanted to highlight how to live a drug free life,” said Matt Anderson who acted as director/assistant director of the DVD project. Sofie Munoz, Julia Warden and Hannah Loporchio from the CVHS water polo team filmed a segment. “This is a big issue at school,” said Munoz. She added that reaching out to high school kids was good but the message of a drug free life should be taught to younger kids as well.

“Get it out to young kids. Let them know you will be more successful if you are drug free,” said Munoz. “You need to approach elementary kids and middle school. They look so much to high school kids [as mentors],” Loporchio said. “It seems like those who resort to drugs are looking for an escape and you don’t need drugs to be popular,” Warden added. All three girls said they find sports helps them to lead a healthy life. Anderson said he thought that the DVD would make a positive statement. “I think with this video kids are talking to kids,” he said. The DVD will be played on CVTV and will be available for viewing in coming weeks on www.cvweekly.com.

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