Fun Events Kick Off Lincoln School Year

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Glendale Fire Dept. hook and ladder truck was at the Lincoln Elementary School playground hoisting contestants’ eggs for the egg drop.

Lincoln students let their creativity shine at the annual egg drop held on Friday, Sept. 6 on the school campus. Students designed packages to house uncooked eggs that were dropped from the top of a Glendale Fire Dept. hook and ladder truck. Eggs that survived the drop were judged in a contest that included awards for the smallest package, best engineered package, eggs that showed the most school spirit and best principal look-alike.

Dinner was served by the newly formed Dads’ Club.

youth lincoln picnic Pic 2

Lincoln students Wyatt Miller, Abby Owens and Emmaline Enright enjoyed their lunch at Crescenta Valley Park during the Lincoln Summer Readers’ Picnic.

On Friday, Sept. 13, the Summer Readers’ Picnic was attended by 70 students who had read five books or 500 pages over the summer. They enjoyed lunch and reflective time with Lincoln’s librarian Jo Van Amburg at Crescenta Valley Park.

Spearheading this event was the Lincoln PTA, Postcard Summer Readers chairperson Amanda Chapman and the Lincoln parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and staff members who helped with this year’s summer reader picnic.


Lincoln Elementary’s version of ring toss, this event had participants line the center of the auditorium while Principal Stephen Williams, pictured at center, and two members of the school’s Dads’ Club, wore large party hats and carried wrapping paper tubes in each hand. The three walked down the center aisle as contestants tossed their colored team rings over the hats and wrapping paper tubes for points.

Finally, the Lincoln Foundation’s 10th Annual Mother-Son Olympiad was held on Friday, Sept. 20 and featured an eight-game circuit for all grade levels, as well as dinner, dessert and dancing. Sixty-two Lincoln families competed at Lincoln’s version of “sillympic” games such as ring toss, relays, stacking cups and more.

The event was included 136 participants and 34 volunteers. There were 360 pictures taken, 210 bottles of water consumed, 1,080 bottles of water knocked over in a game, 273 cookies munched, 221 cookies rolled down faces, 20 Frisbees thrown onto Principal Williams’ party hat and five laps by the Conga line passed the DJ. There were 47 medalists, 267 points earned through early registration, and 100% fun.

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